What Are the Symptoms of Chills Without Fever?

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Chills are normal and will often manifest from two situations:
  • The normal physiological reaction to cold.
  • The one accompanying fever.
With chills, the muscles of your body continue to contract and relax rapidly to raise your body. There are some symptoms that will show you have chills but no fever. Common ones include the following:
  • Chattering teeth caused by muscles contraction temperatures.
  • Shivering or uncontrolled shaking is the result of the contraction and relaxation of your muscles to generate heat.
  • Sweating, as your body continues to generate more heat, some body parts like your armpit will start secreting more sweats as a result.
  • Some people may develop goose bumps.
Consult with your doctor if you develop a severe symptom. Keyword: symptom chills without fever