How Is Endometriosis Diagnosed?

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Endometriosis is a disease affecting the lower belly in women. In the condition, the kind of tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside the uterus. To diagnose endometriosis, your doctor will talk to you about your symptoms and do or prescribe one or more of the following to find out if you have endometriosis:
  • Pelvic exam. The doctor will feel for large cysts or scars behind your uterus. Smaller areas of endometriosis are impossible to feel.
  • Ultrasound. The doctor use sound waves to make pictures of your reproductive organs.
  • Laparoscopy. Doctors can use to look inside your pelvic area to see endometriosis tissue.
While endometriosis can be challenging to manage. An early diagnosis, a multidisciplinary medical team and an understanding of your diagnosis may helpful to the management of your symptoms. Keywords: diagnose endometriosis, diagnosis endometriosis, do i have endometriosis, do you get endometriosis, endometriosis diagnosed, endometriosis diagnosis, know if you have endometriosis, diagnose endometriosis+
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Providing the most accurate information possible is a critical step in allowing your provider to understand what’s going on with your body. A medical history contains information on an individual’s past health-related events, such as any previous medical conditions, procedures, or history of any conditions running in their family. A symptom history focuses on the issues an individual is struggling with in the present, or recent past, that may shed light on any underlying, larger issues.

A pelvic exam generally lasts a few minutes in length, and is a comprehensive evaluation of your reproductive system.

After taking your medical and symptom history, and after performing a pelvic exam, your provider may recommend imaging. Imaging exams, such as ultrasound, MRI, or CT scans are used to take pictures of the inside of your body.

An individual will receive a definitive diagnosis of endometriosis following a laparoscopy.