What Are the Stages of Endometriosis?

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Endometriosis is classified into one of four stages based upon the exact location, extent, and depth of the endometriosis implants and other factors. The following are the stages and their related symptoms.




Superficial implants and mild scarring


III-moderate Cysts and more severe scarring; infertility is common with stage IV endometriosis.


Consult your doctor when you find the early signs of endometriosis, as it will be quite difficult to deal with when you get in the later stages. Keywords:  endometriosis stages, four stages endometriosis, stages endometriosis
How do i know what stage i am in if i do have it ? I cant very well go to the doctors and im only 18 . I bleed constantly and it’s expensive messy and no fun ☹️
Endometriosis is common in women of childbearing age, and it begins to decrease after menopause. You're only 19, so you are not in high-risk groups. The common symptoms of this disease are dysmenorrhea (painful periods), pelvic pain and menstrual disorder. Have you seen a doctor and got diagnosed with endometriosis? If so, pelvic ultrasound is recommended to help determine the stage. If it is not confirmed, I think it is necessary for you to see an experienced gynecologist for your repeated bleeding symptoms and rule out other gynecological diseases.
Heya, I’m actually a 16 year old who’s got diagnosed endometriosis, and pelvic scans cannot show endometriosis, only an laparoscopy (surgery) can show endometriosis as the endo matter is extremely thin (i.e hard to find). It is getting a lot more common for younger teens to have endometriosis, you can get it at any age, try find out if endometriosis is in the family as it can increase your chance of getting it. Ask to be put on birth control (limits hormones, helps with the pain, limits the growth, and regulates periods). I hope this helps x