What Is Polycystic Liver Disease?

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Polycystic liver disease is a rare disease that causes cysts (fluid-filled sacs) to grow throughout the liver. A polycystic liver looks like a cluster of very large grapes. If too many cysts grow or the cysts get too large, the patient may be very uncomfortable and may encounter some severe complications. However, luckily, most patients of polycystic liver disease do not have symptoms and they can live a normal life. Causes of Polycystic Liver Disease Most patients get the disease from their parents. That means the disease is hereditary. But some patients get the disease even if neither of their parent suffer from the disease. Besides, polycystic liver disease is also common in people who have polycystic kidney disease. Scientists are still looking into the causes of this disease. Life expectancy of Polycystic liver disease patients You can be relieved if you are worrying about life expectancy of this disease. It isn't life-threatening. In most cases, polycystic livers continue to function normally no matter how many or how large the cysts grow. Keywords: polycystic disease liver, polycystic liver, polycystic liver cysts, polycystic liver disease.