What Are the Treatments for Baby Eczema?

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When a baby's silky skin develops red, dry, itchy patches, the culprit is often eczema. Commonly appearing around 2 to 6 months of age, eczema (or atopic dermatitis) affects some 20 percent of infants and young children. Here are  six trusty eczema treatments for baby eczema: 1. Avoid Topical Irritants: Many babies have skin allergies to the perfumes, dyes, and chemicals in common household products like soaps, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and bubble baths. Fragrance-free products can help relieve eczema. 2. Test For Food Allergies: Topical irritants aren't the only allergic reactions that can cause eczema. So, it is better to have a test for food allergies. 3. Use a Good Eczema Cream: Slathering on a gentle, fragrance-free eczema cream is one of the best treatments for eczema. You’d better apply eczema creams to your baby several times daily, especially right after baths. 4. Avoid Overheating: You’d better dress your baby in lightweight, breathable fabrics. 5. Limit Scratching Damage: Keep your baby's nails clean, short, and covered at night. Try some lightweight mittens. 6. Give Medication: If the measures above are not enough, consider creams like triamcinolone acetonide and hydrocortisone. Please go to the doctor for more advice. keywords: baby eczema treatment; eczema treatment baby