Can You Have Strep Throat Without a Fever?

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Getting strep throat can be painful. You may have difficulty in swallowing any drinks, let alone food. What's more, most people infected with the disease can also experience coughing, sneezing, body pains or muscle aches and high fever. Usually you don't have all these symptoms, but is it possible to have strep throat without a fever? The answer is YES. Strep throat may not necessarily cause fever, though it usually does occur. But not experiencing any increase in your body temperature does not mean your throat is healthy. Most doctor would diagnose strep throat through strep tests, while others directly announce it simply based on sore throat and difficulting in swallowing. In all, you can have strep throat even if you are not having a fever. Keywords: adult strep throat no fever, can you have strep throat without fever.
yes it is possible to have strep throat without a fever