Can I Still Get Strep Throat If My Tonsils Are Removed?

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The answer is YES. Some people think that once they have their tonsils removed, they’re immune to diseases like strep throat, but this is not true. Children or adults who have their tonsils removed can still be diagnosed with strep throat. The tonsils are two lymph nodes on the sides at the back of your throat. They are helpful in killing germs and preventing throat and lung infections. However, strep throat is a bacterial infection involving your throat. So having your tonsils removed cannot guarantee a health throat forever. The only “advantages”people without tonsils have over people who still have their tonsils are the lower risk of having the disease. Also, for the former group, tonsils can no longer be a potential source of the bacterial infection. Keywords: can i still get strep throat without tonsils, can you get strep throat without tonsils, strep throat without tonsils.