How Long does Strep Throat Last?

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Strep throat can be cured in a few days if you take immediate actions. When you find out that you have strep throat, go to your doctor and take a prescription of antibiotics. Your strep throat may improve within two to five days, probably no longer than a week. However, you may bear in mind that you should complete your course of antibiotics even if you feel a lot better. If you stop taking antibiotics, the symptoms may come back and makes it even harder to recover. During the period, you may also try some natural pain reliefs to make you feel better. These home remedies include:
  • wild cherry bark lozenges.
  • drinking liquids such as pure water, vegetable juice, and green tea.
  • gargling with a Himalayan salt and water mixture.
  • eating a healthy, real food diet.
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How long are you contagious with strep throat
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Individuals can be cured of strep throat by taking antibiotics. A person taking antibiotics is no longer contagious after about 24 hours of taking the med. Patients who do not take antibiotics are infectious for about three weeks.