What causes spinal stenosis?

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The most common cause of spinal stenosis is arthritis, a condition caused by the breakdown of cartilage - the cushiony material between your bones -- and the growth of bone tissue. Osteoarthritis can lead to disc changes, a thickening of the ligaments of the spine, and bone spurs. This can put pressure on your spinal cord and spinal nerves. Other conditions that can cause stenosis include:
  • Herniated discs. If the cushions are cracked, material can seep out and press on your spinal cord or nerves.
  • Injuries. An accident may fracture or inflame part of your spine.
  • Tumors. If cancerous growths touch the spinal cord, you may get stenosis.
  • Paget’s disease. With this condition, your bones grow abnormally large and brittle. The result is a narrowing of the spinal canal and nerve problems.
Some people are born with spinal stenosis or diseases that lead to it. For them, the condition usually starts to cause problems between the ages of 30 and 50. Keyword: causes spinal stenosis; spinal stenosis causes
Hi, I was in an accident and had whiplash and a concussion and never had issues before this. I just had an mri and was told I have Spinal Stenosis. After the accident I’ve been in pain, could that have triggered this?
Where does it hurt? And the spinal injury occur at which level? If it is at the lower back and you have pain down the legs, then it is likely that your pain is triggered by the spinal stenosis.
I’ve had a constant headache since my accident as well as the pain associated on my right side from my injury. My spine has now a bone overgrowth and something with the C 3-4 C4-5 C5-6  which I’m waiting to hear about and understand.
 The pain is from my neck down ( outside of the headache) the whole right side hurts. If I sit to long, my right arm and hand has pain and numbness as well as down my back and right leg. I’m unable
to sleep through the night and wake up several time in pain. My whole right shoulder is in pain constantly as well. I’ve lost strength also on my right side, right hand and leg.  It’s really becoming debilitating and barely can take it. I’m back to the chiropractor and massage therapist but they are suggested a cervical epidural. I’m just not sure what to do at this point.
Seven vertebrae make up the cervical spine with eight pairs of cervical nerves. The individual cervical vertebrae are abbreviated C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, and C7.
You have C3-C6 problems. This is the cause for your arm numbness.
Based on your description, I think the numbness and pain have already caused significant trouble for your life. Therefore, I think that cervical epidural injection would probably be a better choice than massage. Consult your doctor about cervical epidural injection.
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First, do not listen to day day. Ignorance. We have very similar symptoms, do not give up,after 7 Lumbar surgeries, 9 level fusion thought i was finally home free. 8 years later all your cervical symptoms, I amd now living with. Nerve blocks, ablation have not worked and now considerind a stimulator. If you never had acupuncture, you may want to try it.
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Broadly, the treatment of spinal stenosis can be divided into conservative management and surgery. Surgery could alleviate the symptoms and broaden the stenotic canal, but it is invasive and associated with some side effects. The advantage of conservative management is that it is non-invasive. The shortcomings are the effectiveness are varied from person to person. Conservative management includes physical therapy, chiropractor, etc.
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