Pictures of Strep Throat Rash

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Strep throat often leads to rash in the throat. Sometimes it may even cause skin rash. These rashes often appear on your child's back, arms and legs. They can be little red spots covering a large area. If such rash appear in your child's throat and body, immediately take your child to the doctor to treat strep throat. Here are some pictures of rash in the throat and on the skin: Keywords: pictures strep throat rash, strep throat skin rash pictures, rash strep throat, strep throat rash.
What can you do for this rash
In general, doctors do not treat this rash; instead they treat strep throat with antibiotics. Once the strep throat is cured, so will the rash.
Can you get shingles in your throato
Yes.  Even though the throat is an unusual location for shingles, there are cases where this infection manifests in the throat causing a rash that is sensitive to touch and often tingles or itches.
Just to be clear, if you have blisters in your throat, shingles is not the first to think about. Blisters are usually caused by viral infection. Of course shingles is caused by virus too, but different type of viruses.