Are There Any New Treatments for Spinal Stenosis?

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One of the newer types of treatment for spinal stenosis is the use of devices that go within and between the spinous processes and the general category of this is called interspinous process spacers. It’s a newer category of device, only one device is approved for use currently in the United Stages, although there are others in development and being tested. The theory behind it is that by pressing open the spinous processes in the back of the spine, you actually make a larger room for the nerves behind the spine running behind the vertebrae and without any direct surgery to the nerves or the common procedure, called a laminectomy, but just by holding open the spinous processes, it simulates a position of sitting or laying down where many patients are comfortable so even when they stand or walk, the spine assumes the position as though they were still sitting and so they can walk now without difficulty. However, currently only one device is approved for use in the United Stages, it still needs time to further develop this new treatment. Keyword: new treatment spinal stenosis
I think I have Spinal stenisis I have all the signs.
The doctor may give you some physical examinations to see what’s the possible cause for your symptoms of spinal stenosis. The examinations may include imaging tests such as X-rays, MRI or CT that can reveal the condition of your spine and give a clear image of it.

If you do have the trouble of spinal stenosis, the following methods may be followed to relieve the discomfort and pain. You can buy OTC medications to ease the pain. If they don’t work, you can seek to the doctors to have a prescription of other medications that suit you better. Stretching exercises and physical therapy can also work to relieve the symptoms. If none of them help, you can turn to surgeries like laminotomy or laminoplasty.