President Kim Jong Un‘s Family Health Concern

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Kim Jong Un, the president of North Korea, has gained more fame than his father and grandfather. Kim Jong Un's grandfather Kim Il Sung was the first president of North Korea, his father Kim Jong Il was the inheritor since Kim Il Sung passed away. It's interesting that the Kim's family has a history of high cholesterol, maybe also hypertension, and heart disease. Just look at the figure of the three. [URIS id=4631] left pic: Kim Jong Un, right pic:left grandfather, right father   The three have almost the same sized belly. Kim's dad, died in Dec 2011. The official post said he died of heart disease in his royal train. Kim Jong IL was a coronary artery disease patient and he had bypass, in his condition the most likely direct cause of death is myocardial insufficiency caused by acute large area myocardial infarction. Kim Jong Il got sick on the train and died without getting off. When myocardial infarction occurs, if the first aid is carried out in  3-5 minutes, it is not particularly troublesome. In Kim's case, he has the world-class top ambulance team, doctors who clearly understand his health condition and half train of first aid equipment in this royal train, how come this Great Sun of Korean People's not saved? The only reason is that the doctor wasn't by his side when he had the heart attack. Then, what was he doing? Two possible reasons. One, he's having sex. Two, he was pulling the poop. If the old man was having sex, the woman with him was able to call ambulance personnel right away when the old man got sick, and the old man could get saved. So that's not the thing he was doing. Then, there's only one thing he could be doing - poop. He died of a stool ... To restore the scene: Kim Jong IL was worried about the Korean people, and stressed, so he ate a lot of dog meat(Korean's favorite), and that causes constipation ... Although his doctors repeatedly asked for close observation, Kim Jong Il just couldn't make it being stared by someone , so he scolded the doctor, let him stay outside.  He tried really hard. Suddenly, because of the increase of abdominal pressure, he felt a severe heart colic, he wanted to call for help, but the infarct made Kim Jong Il breathing difficultly, he could not shout. At the key moment Kim Jong-il was not panic, he hit the toilet wall with his head, intented to arouse the attention of doctors outside the door. Unfortunately, the sound of hitting the wall and the sound of the wheel hit the track mixed together, the doctor did not notice the abnormal sound in the toilet. Until 15 minutes later, the doctor smashed open the door and found the Korean People's Great sun had left his people on the toilet. His career had not been finished, and his trousers had not been put on.   Related FAQs: