What Is Pyloric Stenosis?

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Pyloric stenosis is a problem with a baby's stomach that causes forceful vomiting. It happens when the baby's pylorus , which connects the stomach and the small intestine, swells and thickens. This can keep food from moving into the intestine. A baby may get pyloric stenosis anytime between birth and 5 months of age. Boys are more likely than girls to get it. It usually starts about 3 weeks after birth. If your baby was born early (premature), symptoms may start later. A baby with pyloric stenosis may:
  • Act fussy and hungry a lot of the time.
  • Have fewer and harder stools than normal.
  • Have a full, swollen upper belly after a feeding.
  • Pass less urine than normal.
  • Vomit soon after a feeding.
How is it treated? Pyloric stenosis is treated with surgery to widen the opening between the stomach and the small intestine. Surgery rarely causes problems, and almost all babies recover completely. After surgery, your baby probably won't get pyloric stenosis again. Talk with the doctor about how to feed your baby and what to expect. Keyword: pyloric stenosis
Babies can get it again though. The odds are much less. My Daughter had Pyloric Stenosis twice.