What Can I Do to Cure Eczema?

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Eczema is a group of conditions that cause inflammation of the skin. Therefore,  it causes skin to become itchy, red, and dry, even cracked and leathery. Here are what you can do to cure eczema: The first- step treatments:
  • Soap and moisturizer. Use a mild soap or soap substitute that won't dry your skin. in addition, you need a good moisturizer in cream, lotion, or ointment form. Smooth it on right after a shower or bath, as well as one other time each day. Furthermore, if your eczema is severe, adding a small amount of bleach to the water when you take baths. That kills bacteria living on the skin.
  • Short, warm showers. Don’t take very hot or very long showers or baths since they can dry out your skin.
  • Stress management. Get regular exercise and set aside time to relax.
  • Get a humidifier. Your skin will become stressful due to dry air.
Medicines If you need meds to treat your eczema, those may include:
  • Hydrocortisone. Over-the-counter cream or ointment versions of it may help mild eczema. If yours is severe, maybe  you will need a prescription dose.
  • Antihistamines. Ones you take by mouth are available over-the-counter and may help relieve symptoms.
  • Corticosteroids. Your doctor may prescribe these if other treatments don’t work. Always follow your doctor's directions when taking steroids by mouth.
  • Ultraviolet light therapy. This may help if your skin condition is severe.
It can be hard to tell for sure if you have eczema. As a result, you’ll need to see a dermatologist or other doctor to find out. keywords: cure eczema