Are There Any Foods That Stop Diarrhea?

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In fact, there isn’t any food that can stop diarrhea all at once, but there are some that can help you recover quicker. Recommended--BRAT foods
  • bananas, rice, apples, toast
  • cooked cereal like Cream of Wheat or farina
  • soda crackers
  • pplesauce and apple juice
Recommended-- plenty of liquids
  • lots of water and ice chips
  • clear broths, like chicken broth or beef broth, with any grease removed
  • electrolyte-enhanced water or coconut water with vitamins or electrolytes
  • weak, decaffeinated tea
When you start to feel better, you may come back to a balanced and nutrient diet, especially enjoying a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains.   Keywords: best food stop diarrhea, diarrhea diet, diarrhea eating, diet diarrhea, diets diarrhea, eat stop diarrhea, eat when you have diarrhea, food stop diarrhea, food stop diarrhea adults, food stops diarrhea fast, food that help stop diarrhea,  foods eat when you have diarrhea, foods help stop diarrhea, foods stop diarrhea, foods stop diarrhea fast, foods that ease diarrhea, foods that help stop diarrhea, foods that stop diarrhea, foods that stop diarrhea fast