Can Probiotics Help Treat Diarrhea?

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Based on the current research, the answer is YES! Generally speaking, probiotics refer to those helpful bacteria and yeast. Besides yogurt or dairy drinks, probiotics and its supplements exist in various forms such as capsules, powders and liquids. In mild cases, doctors may advise people to eat probiotic foods besides drinking a lot of fluids. How do probiotics help treat diarrhea? According to the previous studies, they help shorten the illness. With probiotics, diarrhea may go away faster. Probiotic products have special microorganisms like bacteria or yeast. After reaching the bowel, they fight against the germs causing the diarrhea. However, there may be differences on the effect of yoghurt, capsules and powder. Are there any side effects of probiotics? Generally, probiotics are considered safe, but in rare cases may cause side effects. When you get diarrhea, the easiest way of probiotics treatment is to eat more yogurt. If it doesn’t help, turn to your doctor for more advice.   Keywords: probiotics diarrhea
Does it cause vaginal drainage
No. Probiotics do not cause reproductive diseases. If you have abnormal vaginal drainage, you'll need to see a gynecologist.