How Do I Feel Like the Ten-Year Diabetic Life? Just Like Yours, Fascinating and Hopeful!

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I have lived with type one diabetes for almost 12 years, yes, since I was a kid. No big deal! Now I am still a happy 24-year-old girl. It happened when I was in grade 6. At first, my parents thought I got the narcolepsy because I always felt sleepy for no reason and can just sleep for half one day. Later, we went to hospital but no diagnosis of diabetes came out, in turn, I was enforced to take various oral liquid drinking, you know, which can make you feel like vomiting! Afterwards, my parents chose a first-class hospital for a certain diagnosis. When we got there, the doctor was ready to go home and give us a preliminary diagnosis of diabetes. Of course, I was required to do some exams in detail the next day without having breakfast. The second day, 22ed April, 2004, I got my fasting blood sugar with the level of 20+. Doctor said it was ketosis acidosis and seriously blamed my parents for their ignorance, he was like” If you come one week later, your daughter will lose her kidney! ” Well, at that time I didn’t know diabetes. The doctor asked me to use NovoPen to inject myself every day. I even felt excited when I learned with the doctor to do my first injection. For a kid, I just found it not painful and followed this operation for 10 years. During this ten years, my blood sugar went high and low. Luckily, I am fine now! At the present, I live with my insulin pump and enjoy a normal life. I still eat ice cream, fruit, and drinks like others with a less quantity. So I can control my glucose well. In a word, I feel happy about the current life and won’t worry about the future. I show my respect and fear of the diabetes but I am not afraid of it. When I was 18, I signed an organ donation. Thanks for every morning’s sunshine! Diabetes is just another kind of life, not a disaster. Come on, friends!