How can Multiple Myeloma Prognosis Help Treatment?

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Thanks to the multiple myeloma research, the prognosis of multiple myeloma has improved. The prognosis of multiple myeloma is always based on following factors:
  • Signs.
  • Symptoms.
  • Circumstances.
  • Stage of the disease. It is determined by the result of the diagnostic testing.
The prognosis can help you know following things which can help futher treatment:
  • The growing speed of the tumor.
  • The extent of disease.
  • The biologic make-up of the tumor.
  • The response to the therapy.
  • The health state of the patient.
  • When multiple myeloma treatment shall begin.
  • Which treatment is best. This is determined by the analysis of patient’s individual risk for relapse.
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Was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma last October,  I'm with my second cicle of chemotherapy and I'm doing very well.
Glad that you’re doing well! Mine is a different story. The doctor suggested that I undergo a bone marrow transplant because it seemed that chemotherapy wouldn’t work for my case. I really don’t wanna have any forms of surgeries. Last time I was being operated, I almost died. It really freaked me out when the doctor brough up this suggestion.