What Are Options of Bowel Incontinence Treatment?

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What are the possible options when it comes to bowel incontinence treatment?

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There are various bowel incontinence treatment plans you can choose from such as exercise, medicine, and surgery. Consult your doctor before you make decisions. First, the good news - bowel incontinence is curable. It can, in many cases, be cured completely. Here are some treatments for bowel incontinence: Exercise You may try Kegel exercises. During Kegel exercises, you contract your pelvic muscles on a regular basis. Medicine
  • Lomotil
  • Imodium
Surgery Nonsurgical treatments are first recommended. If they don't work, then you may consult your doctor about surgery.   Keyword: bowel incontinence treatment
I have a neck injury from my factory job, and thought it was weird the doctor kept asking how my stool was.  I kept saying it is my neck that hurts!   Later on I read about how damage to neck could affect  stool.  I go to chiropractor to keep spine in best as I can get it for crushed disk and have not had stool issues at all.