Can I Try Weight Loss Surgery?

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Weight loss surgery shouldn’t be considered as a common option for people who desire to lose weight. In fact, only people in the following conditions, they may consider receiving a weight loss surgery.
  • You're an obese adult
  • Your BMI is 40 or more, or is between 35 and 40 but with an obesity-related condition such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure
  • You've tried all other weight loss methods, such as dieting and exercise, but the effect is not obvious
  • You have a full understanding of the risks and side effects of the surgery
  • After surgery, you make healthy lifestyle changes and attend regular check-ups
So do not consider it before the basic trying – dietary changes and regular exercise. If you're thinking about it, talk to your doctor about whether it's a good option for you.   Keywords: surgery lose weight, weight loss surgery, weight loss surgery+
A large Cleveland Clinic study(2,300 people) shows that weight-loss surgery performed in patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity is associated with a lower risk of death and major adverse cardiovascular events than usual medical care. These patients also lost more weight, had better diabetes control, and used fewer medications for treatment of their diabetes and cardiovascular disease than those undergoing usual medical care.