Is There Any Vaccine for Botulism?

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NO. There is no medicine for public use to prevent botulism. However, there is an investigational vaccine that is available only to laboratory people working with Clostridium botulism or the toxin. To do some preventions, you may take the following steps:
  1. Clean your hands, containers, and utensils if you can your own food at home.
  2. Use pressure canners for low-acid foods such as potatoes, most other vegetables, and meats.
  3. Boil the home-canned food for 10 minutes to kill the botulism toxin bacteria.
  4. Choose proper refrigeration.
  5. Abandon the food if you find the canned food:  have a bulge  spurt out foam or liquid when you open it  smell unusual or foul
  6. Do not feed honey to children younger than 12 months.
  7. Keep your wounds clean.
Though it can be treated, never take it lightly. If you or someone you know has symptoms of botulism, see your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately.   Keywords: botulism vaccine