What Are the Treatments for Urge Incontinence?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
There are various treatments for urge incontinence. They include changes to behaviors, medications and surgery. Choose the right treatment after consulting your doctor. Changes to behaviors:
  • Lose weight
  • Don't lift things that are too heavy
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Avoid drinking too much water before sleep
  • Kegel exercises (Build strength of your pelvic floor muscles by contracting these muscles.)
  • Bladder training (Lengthen the time gap between feeling the urge to urinate and actually urinating.)
  • Timed voiding (Keep records of when you leak urine. Go to the toilet at those times and you avoid leakage.)
  • Mirabegron
  • Darifenacin
  • Fesoterodine
  • Trospium
  • Oxybutynin
  • Tolterodine
  • Solifenacin
  • Reduce nerve impulse to muscles involved in urination control
  • Increase the amount of urine the bladder can hold
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