What Are the Types of Urinary Catheters?

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There are many types of urinary catheters. These types have different characteristics that can meet the needs of patients with different problems. Here are some specific types:
  • Foley catheter. One end of it is fixed in the bladder by a small balloon full of water. Urine flows out from the other end into a bag. It needs changing every three months.
  • Intermittent catheters. You put it inside you through the urethra and it drains the bladder. You use it a couple of times per day when the bladder is full.
  • Condom catheter. It's for men. A condom-like sheath is put around the penis. Urine flows from a tube of it into a bag.
  • Suprapubic catheter. It's put inside your bladder through a cut below your belly button. It's less likely to lead to infection than an indwelling catheter.
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