Do I Need a 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring?

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Are you one of them? If yes, then you need it. Case 1:  Those whose bp are high when in hospital while low in home without facing the doctors. In this condition, a 24-hour blood pressure monitoring can rule out the white coat hypertension. Case 2:  Two patients with hypertension. One has more than 140/90mmhg one time in 24 hours, reaching 160/100mmhg, while the other has the highest blood pressure of 150/95mmhg, but with 10 times more than 140/90mmhg. Clearly, the "lower" one is worse. ‘Normal’ ABP values for non-pregnant adults are :
  • 24 hour average <115/75 mmHg (hypertension threshold 130/80 mmHg)
  • Day time (awake) <120/80 mmHg (hypertension threshold 135/85 mmHg)
  • Night time (asleep) <105/65 mmHg (hypertension threshold 120/75 mmHg).
Blood pressure load (percentage of time that BP readings exceed hypertension threshold during 24 hours) should be <20%,or you need to see your doctor.   Related FAQ: