How to Treat Botulism? Is It Curable?

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Sorry to say that there is no cure for botulism food poisoning, but the symptoms will disappear in a few weeks or months if treated early and properly. Generally speaking, the main treatment for botulism includes
  • antibiotics
  • antitoxin
  • good nursing support
  • physician care and physical therapy
  • sometimes machine support by a ventilator
If receiving antitoxin early in the disease, you can escape further paralysis from the toxin. However, it does not affect symptoms that are already present. When treating infants with botulism:
  • antitoxin
  • medicines that cause vomiting or enemas
Wounds that are a source of botulism must be treated with surgery to remove contaminated tissue. If, unfortunately, you or your family members get botulism, make an emergency call such as 911 immediately.   Keywords: cure botulism, cure botulism_, botulism symptoms treatment, do you treat botulism, there cure botulism, treat botulism, treatment botulism, treatment botulism poisoning, treatments botulism, botulism treatment