How to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain?

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Here are some common ideas about rheumatoid arthritis pain treatment: 1.    Take your pain medication that ease symptoms (NSAIDs) on a schedule and as prescribed as well. You should not wait to take medicines until you have much more pain. 2.    Warm, moist compress can loosen up a stiff joint. You can try to place an ice pack on an inflamed joint. Massage can also help. It is a quick way to relive arthritis pain. 3.    Make it a priority to relax every day. You should learn how to manage stress to relax yourself. Keeping a good mood helps. 4.    Similarly, focus on things that you enjoy. 5.    Eat healthy and balanced diet. Alcohol and cigarettes should be prohibited. 6.    Exercise. Even if you are in pain, some exercise can still help you. But remember not to exercise too much. 7.    A support group is sometimes helpful to you. 8.    Surgery for rheumatoid arthritis may be an important option for people with permanent damage that limits the daily function and independence. Joint replacement surgery can relive pain and restore your function. Hip and knee replacement surgery are the most common.   Related FAQs: