Is There Any Urinary Retention Treatment?

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Yes, there is urinary retention treatment available. This short passage tells about possible treatment plans. Talk to your doctor and decide which method to choose. Methods to manage the condition
  • Catheters. They are a type of medical device that helps empty a patient's bladder. A doctor inserts a catheter into the patient's urethra so that urine can flow out.
  • Double voiding. This is a training method. You pass half the amount of your urine. Hold it for 10 minutes. Then you empty your bladder.
  • Pelvic muscle exercises. This helps muscles involved in emptying your bladder recover.
Medications Taking the right medicine can help make your condition better. Drugs that may prove effective include Enablex, Ditropan, and Detrol. Surgery What type of surgery you need depends on which part of your body isn't working well.   Keyword: urinary retention treatment