Is High Blood Pressure Reversible?

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It depends on what kind of high blood pressure you have. When the blood pressure reached the ideal state, healthy diet, moderate exercise, timely detection, blood pressure stability, you can stop to take high blood pressure medication. If it is just a slight high blood pressure, you can control it by doing exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, changing bad habits, such as smoking and drinking. In addition, you cannot reduce the amount of high blood pressure medication without doctors’ advice. Just follow the instructions and guidance of doctors, and take pills on time. If you have primary essential hypertension, you should check and review the medicine with your doctor monthly. Through medication, it is possible to control blood pressure under 140/80 mmHg. Besides, patients can control it by maintaining healthy lifestyles, which may reduce blood pressure by 2-8mmHg. First of all, low salt diet is essential. Similarly, keep a low-fat diet is also important. Low-heat also contributes to it. In addition, regular exercise may reduce systolic pressure by 4-9mmHg, such as swimming, running. But you should keep it in mind that morning exercise is not very good for people with high blood pressure. Morning exercise may even increase your blood pressure. As a result, the elevated blood pressure may lead to some emergency situation. Exercising is also helpful to losing weight. BMI should be kept under 25kg/m². Smoking and drinking are two silent killers in our daily life. Smoking may double the opportunity of having high blood pressure. More importantly, living a happy life and always have a positive life attitude help lower blood pressure. If you have just slight high blood pressure, you can consider doing some lifestyle changes before taking medicine. But once you take medicine, you must follow your doctor’s advice and take it on time. Remember that medication can do a lot in lowering blood pressure. The combination of lifestyle changes and medication control will bring about opportunity of keeping blood pressure in a normal range for a long period, thus making high blood pressure reversible. But being reversible is just the result of controlling high blood pressure. High blood pressure, the disease itself is not reversible. For elderly people, the optimized option is still medication control.   Related FAQs:  
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Have you ever had a history of hypertension? Was 108/59 the number measured after taking the medicine or not? Do you have headache, dizziness and panic? If you don't have any other symptoms of discomfort, this blood pressure is relatively well controlled. Take it easy.