Are There Any Early Signs of Lupus?

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Generally speaking, lupus is an autoimmune condition causing inflammation. Like the other diseases, it affects everyone differently, such as
  • Your symptoms might develop quickly, or they may come on slowly.
  • Besides, some people have only a few mild signs and others have many, more severe symptoms.
  • They can be permanent or flare up occasionally
In fact, long before lupus is diagnosed, things are going awry in the body. As a result, there may be some early signs for you to check up. Early symptoms can include:
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • hair loss
  • rash
  • pulmonary problems
  • kidney problems
  • swollen joints
  • gastrointestinal problems
  • thyroid problems
  • dry mouth and eyes
Because early symptoms are similar to those of other conditions, having them doesn’t necessarily mean you have lupus. When you have the early signs above, you should turn to your doctor for diagnosis. Keywords: lupus early symptom, early signs lupus, first symptoms lupus
I have all the symptoms except fever. I took a blood test but results were negative for lupus. Now what?
One of the important diagnosis of lupus is positive anti-Sm antibody test. If it's not positive, it can not be diagnosed as lupus.
Ok. Dr. Says my results were negative. I also see an Allergist, Gastroenterologist and Endocrinologist but they say they see nothing more to help me with but Linzess and monthly Xolair shots, I've been on for 2+ years.
I know you are tired of seeing doctors. But seeing doctors may be the only way to find out what is wrong. Continue to see doctors until a smart one finds out the cause.
My doctor said if your not in flare, you can have a neg result, but does not mean that you do not have Lupus.. I have SLE and have been in a coma and on life support twice.. I have kidney disease, gastro disease, Ebstein Barr, Lung and heart disease, vascular disease and diabetes.. I have a port put in my chest and have been battling this disease since i was 21.. I am now 60.. Everyday is a struggle.. I'm a Lupus Warrior!!
have you been tested for Sjodrens' DZ?
I was missed diagnosed for 4 yrs! I had one rheumatologist tell me I was fine and just needed to work out... Finally I found one that sent my blood work to the lab of the doctor who invented the lupus scan. And sure enough, it was positive. I will say I hope you don't have lupus, it is a very tricky disease. Keep up with the doc appts. All it takes is the right doctor to find out what's going on. Good Luck!
Of course lupus is regularly misdiagnosed. My aunt has it for 10 years. First they thought its rheumatoid arthritis, for she had all those swelling and discomfort in the joints. But no treatments worked that time. Then she had that red rash on her face and they finally found out it was lupus. Not that longer than you, but still took them four months. Now she is battling lupus and dealing with the rashes, severe headaches, joint pain, mild strokes, you name it. But I guess her condition is not that bad, as long as her takes enough rest.
You can have lupus and the blood test may be neg.but it might just not have caught it.Thats what happened to me,but a good Dr.should go by your symptoms,face flush over nose like a butterfly,fatigue.a rheumatologist is a good start,but I have a great internist .I'm on plaquenel
 For 20yrs.allergic to steroids.keep trying,don't give up
You keep that spirtgood for you,had since 40,now 60.i have other issues that are related also to lupus.Thanks for sharing
Hello I'm a 46 yr male been in the construction industry for over 20 yrs was just diagnosed with lupus a couple mths ago had blood work done and it was positive I'm a twin as well and my brother has been diagnosed also extremely fatigued most days and pain every day what can I expect from this
I assume this work is labor-intensive and it may not be suitable for a lupus patient, since you need more rest. Additionally, lupus frequently causes kidney problems (called lupus nephritis), and extensive laboring would facilitate kidney damages.
Thank u for getting back to me
Sometimes it tricky to test lupus by blood because it can go in remission overnight I know because it happened to me more then 4 times . Taking a sample of skin from your body where the sun don’t shine and a sample of skin exposed to the sun the doctor puts it in a medium liquidity and if there is a reaction where the green stain adheres to the cell wall is a positive results for lupus
I am so sorry to hear that most of your adult life has had so much struggle.  I feel that having autoimmune diseases can be very difficult for the sufferer because many of the diseases associated with autoimmune are overlooked if you dont suffer from certain symptoms.  I feel that they shld not put so much emphasis on the results of the blood test results n pay more attention to what the sufferer is feeling.  I know for myself i was suffering so weak that i cld barely brush my teeth after being given Synthroid for my hypothyroidism. He took blood work again and it said that my levels we're good but yet I still was just this weak.  It took months before i was able to get my dr to believe me..after given me an more indepth blood panel he was able to see the problems.  Months of suffering because the dr was only going by the blood test results not my symptoms.  Are symptoms need to be validated.  What a sufferer is feeling shld matter no matter what the blood panel results r showing.  Maybe there is a underlying problem that wasnt tested as in my case. Good Luck to all those who are sufferers.  God Bless
I can totally relate it took them 7 years to diagnose me with Lupus SLE & RA, Fibromyalgia, Hoshimotos, Sorgjons, and Epstein Barr.  I’m a hot mess but starting Benlysta next week. Praying that this work out for me
My daughter has tested positive for lupus and they want her to see a specialist she has spine and neck pain blurry vision fatigue and other problems it still has to BE confermed by a specialist. I think she has the SAME one what do you think ?
It is likely to be lupus, but it has to be confirmed by a rheumatologist. It is treatable. Your daughter's symptom is consistent with lupus, but not specific.

I just recently got diagnosed with lupus. At first my joints would only hurt occasionally, but now every day, it seems I have pain in almost every joint, especially when I wake up. I cannot sleep will because of the swelling and pain in my hands and feet. I just started taking hydroxychloroquine, but it makes me extremely dizzy.

I take the same medicine. I take it at night, that helps. My hands and feet hurt all the time, my knees and Ankles get a lot of inflammation and pain. I’ve found that riding a stationary bike and swimming. It takes the pressure off and helps with swelling, if you can do it not in the sun! It took 15 yrs to get properly diagnosed. I had to have fluid drawn from my knees and take steroids.I have terrible dry eye as well. I stay off my feet when feeling inflammation coming on and drink lots of water and a multi vitamin daily. 1 more thing that could help is carpletunnel gloves at night, not sure of the spelling, but really help a lot. Sugar is a huge inflammatory. I’ve really noticed a difference when I try not to use it but I love coffee with sugar. Caffeine too! Better without it.. I hope this helps in some way!!
OMG! That's really of great help! My 12-year-old daughter has been suffering from lupus for two years. I've taken her to many hospitals across the country but all the prescriptions just seemed useless. I really understand how weak one would become once developed this disease. My daughter has these rashes all over her body and she often wakes up in the midnight due to the joint pain. But she was a tough girl and never cries in front of me. However, It broke my heart every time I saw her stand outside of the school gate and watch her classmates running on the ground...Thank you so much for your precious advice. You've been doing good! And I sincerely pray that someday everything will go back to normal. Best wishes!