What Is Immunotherapy for Metastatic Bladder Cancer?

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Q: I have metastatic bladder cancer and my doctor recommended me to take immunotherapy. What’s immunotherapy? A: Immunotherapy is a type of treatment for metastatic bladder cancer. In this method, your body’s own immune system attacks the cancer cells. People with baldder cancer taking the treatment now have a few immunotherapy drugs for their disease. Atezolizumab (Tecentriq) is the medicine for the most common type of bladder cancer, urothelial carcinoma. Nivolumab (Opdivo) is the medicine for people with advanced urothelial carcinoma whose cancer has spread after they’ve tried chemotherapy. Researchers are now testing other drugs which are potentially effective for bladder cancer. The combination of immunotherapies is a new direction in experiment.   Related FAQs: http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=1763 http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=1417 http://healthtopquestions.com/?p=1354
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