Can Hepatitis C Be Transmitted?

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Hepatitis C is a serious viral infection. It will cause liver inflammation or even serious liver damage. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus. It only transmits by contacting with infected blood. Here are the possible ways of transmitting hepatitis C:
  • Injecting drugs using an infected needle.
  • Using or reusing medical equipment, such as syringes and needles, that have not been properly sterilized.
  • Receiving a blood transfusion from blood or blood products that were not adequately screened.
  • Having sex with an infected person
  • Passing the virus between mother and baby
  • Using personal care items, such as toothbrush or razor, that were in contact with an infected person's blood,
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If hepatitis c is transmitted through blood than how can you catch it through sex. What I have read about hep c is you cannot get it through sex.
Hepatitis C is spread through contact with an infected person's blood. Sex isn't usually bloody, although blood may be present because of genital sores, rough sex, or cuts. So, transmission during sex is possible but rare.
So you can’t catch it by having sex
Sperm can have blood droplets