What Is Acute Diverticulitis?

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Diverticulitis is inflammation or infection of small pouches called diverticula that develop along the walls of the intestines. The pouches can develop anywhere on the digestive tract, but they most commonly form at the end of the descending and sigmoid colons located on the left side of the abdomen. They also frequently occur on the first section of the small intestine, although those rarely cause problems. Acute diverticulitis is a sudden severe, painful disorder of the intestinal tract, resulting from inflammation of one or more diverticula, or small pouches, in the wall of the bowel. The condition is typically diagnosed through x-rays and treated with antibiotics and/or surgically. If left untreated, the inflamed pouches may rupture, spilling fecal matter into the abdominal cavity and causing peritonitis. If you are concerned you might be suffering from acute diverticulitis, schedule an appointment with your doctor. Keyword: acute diverticulitis; acute diverticulitis+
Can one of the other symptoms be pain on the lower right side and a lot of bloating?
Maybe. If diverticulitis develops into peritonitis, abdominal pain and bloating may occur. If the diverticulum is perforated, it can also cause abdominal pain and bloating.