What Are the Best Creams for Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are one of the most common health conditions among adults. They are not dangerous, but the pain and bleeding can be intimidating. But application of a topical cream can help to relieve the symptoms and speed up recovery. In fact, there are a wide variety of over-the-counter hemorrhoids creams available in the market. While some show results, others don’t. So, it is important to check the list of ingredients to ensure that it provides effective relief. Most quality hemorrhoid creams provide relief from the symptoms such as itching, pain and bleeding. So, it is best to choose a hemorrhoid cream depending on your symptoms.
  • Hydrocortisone formula relieves itching
  • Mineral oil and zinc oxide reduces dryness
  • Benzocaine or pramoxine relieve pain and soreness
The following are the most popular creams for your reference.
Hemorrhoid Creams Active Ingredient
Recticare Lidocaine
Nupercainal Dibucain
Mayinglong Musk zinc oxide
Tronolane pramoxine hydrochloride
Equate Maximum Strength phenylephrine HCl
Anusol zinc oxide
Doctor Butler's Lidocaine
Preparation H Phenylephrine
Americaine Benzocaine
HemoTreat Herbal Blend
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