What Is Thrombosed Hemorrhoid?

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A thrombosed hernia is when a blood clot forms inside a hemorrhoid. This condition isn’t dangerous, but it can be painful. What are the symptoms? Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be very painful. Here are some common symptoms:
  • itching around your anus
  • bleeding when you have a bowel movement
  • swelling or a lump around your anus
  • difficulty in standing, walking, sitting, and urination
If you have a fever along with pain and swelling, you could have an area of infection. What are the causes? In fact, doctors don’t know why some people develop blood clots in their hemorrhoids. But here are some risk factors.
  • severe straining during bowel movements
  • lack of standing
  • lack of exercise
  • low fiber diet
  • obesity
  • pregnancy and difficult childbirth
  • age
See your doctor if you have pain or itching around your anus, or if you bleed when you have a bowel movement. It’s important to see your doctor, because bleeding can also be a sign of other more serious conditions.   Keywords: thrombosed hemorrhoid