Are Those Messages about Diabetes Rumors or Facts?

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These messages are for mutual support and information sharing only. Always consult your doctor before trying anything you read here.
Q: Is there anything like “insulin addiction”? A: Absolutely not. Insulin is a normal hormone in our body. Patients with diabetes use the insulin because of its weak working ability inside. So we need the help outside. Insulin injection will not cause addiction, after all, you are not injecting the drugs.   Q: Is insulin only necessary for the advanced period of diabetes? A: Your using of insulin has nothing to do with your diabetic history. The treatment lies in controlling your blood sugar. For type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes with high blood sugar, insulin is necessary no matter when you get your diagnosis of diabetes.   Q: Diabetes should eat no fruit? A: It seems right at first glance. Because general fruit contains sugar which should be a taboo in diabetic diet. In fact, what really matters for the diabetic is the GI values of the food instead of the sweetness. Higher GI values, worse blood sugar control. So patients with diabetes can eat some fruit according to their glucose conditions.   Q: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes? A: Genetic and lifestyle play important role in diabetes. In general, too much sugar intake brings heavy burden to your pancreas. It do make you more likely to get the diabetes. But we can’t say eating too much sugar certainly leads to diabetes.     Q: Is there any way to cure the diabetes? A: For the time being, diabetes cannot be cured. You can try your best to control your blood sugar and avoid the complications.   Related FAQs: