Does Blood Stool Mean Hemorrhoids?

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When noticing blood in stool or spots of blood on toilet paper, you may be worried. Truly it's a warning sign worth your attention. Because it usually means that there is bleeding in your digestive tract. Most people are alarmed when they see bright red blood in the toilet after a bowel movement. There are actually many reasons for pooping blood and not all of them mean that there is something seriously wrong. Blood in stool can mean that you have
  • hemorrhoids
  • anal fissures
  • colon polyps
  • an infection in your stomach or digestive tract
Breaks in the tissue in your colon or anal opening could bleed when you have a bowel movement. However, it is important to remember that passing stools with blood is not a normal condition. Although many cases of pooping blood are harmless, you should always get it checked out by a doctor.   Keywords: blood stool hemorrhoids