Are There Any Pictures of Sepsis Skin?

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Sepsis can begin in different parts of the body and can have many different symptoms. Also, as everyone's condition varies, it's hard to say the sepsis skin with one or two conclusive words. But you can notice some changes. The following are part of common ones. In early stages, you may find some changes on your skin because of serious infections. Skin rash, showing petechia and purpura, may be a sign of bacteria in the bloodstream. While people in the severe stage could have patches of discolored skin. If any of the following are true about the one's situation, he should pay more attention.
  • is taking immunosuppressive medications (for example after an organ transplant)
  • has diabetes
  • has AIDS
  • is very young or very old
Finally, please keep in mind, call the doctor as soon as possible if there are signs and symptoms of sepsis.   Keywords: photos sepsis infection, sepsis infection photos pictures