Is Norwegian Scabies Worse than Regular Scabies?

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Scabies is a skin infection caused by a mite, because scabies mites are that small they can be hardly seen scabies is easily mistaken with any other skin infection. However, in Norwegian scabies there are thousands of mites, that’s why the skin infestation is more seriously and the skin is covered with crusts and hyperkeratotic plaques. It may seem that in Norwegian scabies the type of mite is different from the regular scabies, but in fact it is exactly the same type of mite. Those affected with Norwegian type of scabies have a low immune system. Norwegian scabies develops on those persons with compromised immune system. Severe skin manifestations may appear, the skin is blistered, red and extremely itchy. During the night the itch is accentuated. Skin to skin contact makes possible the transfer as in: shaking hands with an infected person, during the sexual contact, through clothing and bedding. . In general, Norwegian scabies is the one type of regular scabies. If you unluckily infect that, the doctor must be visited. keywords: Norwegian scabies, regular Scabies
How to treat Norwegian scabies?
What happens if you pick at scabies??
You will get itchiness pretty much over your body. Morevoer, you will also get red rashes at sites where it itches
I've been seen by both my primary doctor and a dermatologist my primary said that the scabies head cleared up after a nurse practitioner diagnose me. I still have gotten sores on the ends of my fingers, in between my fingers there's dead skin with warmer Burroughs, and some hives looking things on my fingers. After going to the dermatologist and having a scraping done, proceeded to tell me that there was no scabies found. Yet at night I feel them crawling in my hands and my fingers. I have some sores on my feet and on my legs that continue not to heal and feel like at times there are things crawling around in them. If I apply an appointment to them it looks like small things from crawling out of them. Does this mean that I have a re-infestation and that my doctors could possibly be wrong because my wounds continue to not heal and it's been approximately 3 months since I was diagnosed and treated with Ivermectin. My doctor has since put me on an anti-psychotic olanzapine and has told me it's in my head yet I feel them crawling on me at night after a shower that's hot and it seems as though I've been dismissed by my primary doctor I have three children living in my home and my wife none are exhibiting signs except for one of my daughters has noticed a couple of what appear to be small Burroughs on her legs. Is this a cause for alarm and what should I do to proceed as my doctor doesn't seem to think there is a reason to be concerned. Please help me or provide me with more information.
First of all, you can not see scabies mites and you do not feel the crawl. They are just too small to be seen or felt. The best way to convince you that you do not have scabies may be, do the scarping a lot of times. If they all come back negative, I think then you may be reassured.
Actually if you have good vision and someone who constantly looks at their skin YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN SEE THEM!..They look like lil blackheads and if u stare long enough or try to squeeze it out like a pimple you can see them move and even grab one with a pointy tweezer.
You can see them, they look like a lil back speck, or blackhead,..also the hot shower upsets them so u will itch more.
I suggest going to a New better Dr.