What Does Antisepsis Mean?

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Antisepsis is the prevention or inhibition of an infection. It achieves this by either killing the organism responsible for the infection, or weakening the organism. As a result, the organism can't cause the infection or survive. The following are the specific process.
  • When the skin is broken by a scratch or burn, microorganisms often begin to grow in the wound.
  • Bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be present on healthy skin can multiply rapidly where the skin is broken.
  • Unless something prevents or stops this growth, serious infection can take place.
  • Also, organisms may enter the body at the site of an injury and cause illness.
  • To prevent this, antiseptics are available to control the infective growth.
In a word, antisepsis destroys or slows the growth of germs or microorganisms that may cause disease. Thus it prevents infection in living tissue.   Keywords: antisepsis_