Can Sepsis Return After Treatment?

1 Answer

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Possibly. According to the new research , some patients of sepsis tend to return hospital. However, many of their conditions can be prevented if handled properly. With early and proper treatment, many people who survive severe sepsis recover completely. Fortunately, their lives return to normal. But for some people, especially those with pre-existing chronic diseases, may have permanent organ damage. More sad news is some people suffer from a second bout of sepsis, or kidney or lung failure and end up in hospital again. Also, they had more problems linked to infections, including in the lungs, skin and soft tissue as well as systemic sepsis. However, if they can
  • get on the right medications and diet
  • receive counseling on infection risks and signs
  • have kidney function tested more often
In fact, many of these conditions is avoidable. So, keep in close contact with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist and talk more about your condition after sepsis treatment. Don’t ignore any warning signs, as you know yourself better than anyone else! Keywords: sepsis reoccur