What Problems May Occur After Sepsis?

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Many people recover well from sepsis and return to their normal, or near-normal life after timely and proper treatment. However, as sepsis can affect many organs in the body, sometimes they don’t work properly afterwards. The following are the most common organs that can be affected:
  • Kidneys – some people might always need support by a machine, or dialysis.
  • Heart – you may feel chest pain. And when exercising, you will get out of breath easily. But these symptoms can usually be improved with medication.
  • Brain – if it didn’t get enough oxygen while you had sepsis. This can make you confused or not able to think as clearly before. Also, you may find it difficult to concentrate or remember things.
  • Lungs – leading to breathlessness or aching pains in your chest. You may not be able to walk as far as you did before your illness.
Besides, many people feel very upset and anxious after being in intensive care. Most people who have had amputations are able to return to a full and productive life. It may be difficult to see this at first and you will need a lot of support. In fact, with the help of your friends and family members, your doctors as well as you yourself, many of these problems can be managed.   Keywords: problems after sepsis