What Are the Symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia Delusions?

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Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common example of this mental illness. It is a kind of psychosis. This means your mind doesn't agree with reality. It will show up in different ways and at different times, even in the same person. Here are the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia delusions. Delusions are fixed beliefs that seem real to you, even when there's strong evidence they aren't. They might make you feel like:
  • A co-worker is trying to hurt you, like poison your food.
  • Your spouse or partner is cheating on you.
  • The government is spying on you.
  • People in your neighborhood are plotting to harass you.
Please go to your doctor for help if you have the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia delusions. Keywords: symptoms paranoid schizophrenia delusions
I hate having schizophrenia it takes a toll on my body. I pray one day it will go away it's exhausting to me very painful physically emotionally draining
It will. There will be a cure; it just takes time and patience...
I'm bi polar manic paranoid schizophrenia.I hate this every day I see something. Everybody is out to get me.It sucks I really wish they can find a cure.
Hi, there! You mean you’ve got both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia? Gosh, that must be very depressing. Sorry for your suffering. I do, indeed. It’s painfully true that no cure is currently available. But just because no cure is yet to be found doesn’t mean that you can’t count on other methods. The very first thing to do is accept yourself for who you really are. It’s no shame that you have these problems. Everyone has their own problems. After all this time, I just consider it a blessing to be alive. I kind of understand how it feels. You are afraid of all social activities, have no interest in interactions with other people and even hate yourself not being able to cope with it. But hang in there, OK? You’ll find the best way out or at least an approach that would make you feel better. I don’t know if you’re on any meds or receiving any psychotherapy. Have you ever asked yourself some questions, like how often do you feel schizophrenic delusion? What kind of things do you enjoy the most? And what kind of person do you feel most comfortable with? I’m telling you that those questions will help you figure out a possible solution. If there is someone that can always stay by your side and make you feel better about yourself, it’s much better than you yourself dealing with the situation. Together, you may work out a plausible plan to get rid of those bad thoughts, delusions, etc. I’m not bluffing, but love could be the best cure.