How to Define Schizoid?

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Schizoid, when used as a noun, is a person with personality disorder. The personality is marked by the following features:
  • long-term emotional coldness
  • indifference to praise, criticism, or the feelings of others
  • an inability to form close friendships with more than one or two people
  • a lack of interest in social relationships
However, rather than referring to someone as a schizoid, we usually is talk about a person with a schizoid personality disorder. What are the symptoms of a schizoid personality disorder? Generally, people with schizoid personality disorder often try to avoid contact with other people. And because of this, many of them never get married during their life. Other common traits of people with this disorder include the following:
  • having no desire to form or enjoy close relationships, even with family members
  • often choosing solitary jobs and activities
  • taking pleasure in few activities, including sex
  • having no close friends, except first-degree relatives
  • difficulty in relating to others
  • indifference to praise or criticism
  • showing aloofness and little emotion
  • possible daydream or vivid fantasies of complex inner lives
Because they often do not believe they have a disorder, people with personality disorders often do not seek treatment. So it's important for family members to help them get accurate diagnosis and treatment.   Keywords: schizoid, schizoid personality disorder symptoms