What Are the Symptoms of Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type?

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Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type may be the rarest form of mental diseases. It actually has overlapping symptoms of both bipolar depression and schizophrenia. However, when patients receive timely treatment, they may lead a more productive life. So, it is necessary that family and friends of the patient recognize the signs and symptoms of the disease and refer him to a doctor immediately. People suffering from the condition have rapid mood changes, swinging between mania and depression, along with other schizophrenic symptoms like delusional hallucinations, psychosis, disconnected thoughts, etc. Also, the symptoms can occur at any time and any place. Unfortunately, schizoaffective bipolar disorder is a lifelong disease. If left untreated, the patient is likely to commit suicide, self harm, or cause harm to people around. Besides, the condition is not curable, rather it is manageable. So call the doctor if you or your family have shown the symptoms above immediately. The treatment is for life and aimed at controlling the symptoms that the person may experience.   Keywords: schizoaffective disorder bipolar type
You want treatment?
1) Get your IQ checked.
2) Get routine.
  A. Morning Exercise.
  B. Diet
     (Not go on a diet, what you
      eat is your diet. So keep
      it clean. Sparkling.)
  C. Read
     (Yes, everyday)
3) Work.
   (At first, just work.      
    Then work at something for
    something. Now work with
    someone else for someone

You can do this. I love you.
Unrealistic. Treatment resistant as my condition is; THANKS, shitty parents.., Controlling becomes less of obstacle when made into SELF MANAGEMENT.
Persons whom fail to comprehend this is a very complex and complicated living situation.
LESS coaching, demanding, and general demeaning behaviors and tones serve to assist better than an ASSHAT full of critique and bullyshiz.

I manage fine.

Never going to claim total victory; but since I LIVE WITH THIS, NOT MY DISOWNED RELATIVES...?

They can f off...

Love matters less in the long run anyhow.

My concept of living, working, and so forth is different from YOUR SKEWED VISION OF ME.

That is why we AREN'T THE SAME PERSON(S).

Pay more attentive to YOUR life; STAY OUT of mine, TYVM
It’s amazing that you can manage it on your own. 3 years living with this disorder makes it hard for me to bond with any friend. I feel myself isolated from the whole world all the time. It drives me crazy that I would like to be alone and to be with someone at the same time. I quit half a year ago because I don’t think I can handle this mess any longer. Living like a dead body without soul. I can’t see my future.
Ive had 42 years and manage with 5mg zyprexa...20mg lithiun ornate and 150mg serequel and as needed sleep aid. Having a saved soul and being a Christian I know its God that has helped me for so many years and I can work part time self employed. Im 60 and I know in heaven there wont be suffering or illness any longer ill be whole for eternity. Jesus is the way the truth and the life! After a episode he helps

me get back up and go on.