How Can Meningitis Be Treated?

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Meningitis can be treated at home or hospital. Where you should receive treatment depends on how severe your disease is. Treated at home. If your doctor tells you that it's a mild disease caused by a viral infection, you can go home and take care of yourself. Things you should do when you are home:
  • Use painkillers if you have a headache
  • Take anti-sickness drugs if you experience vomiting
  • Have enough sleep
You'll get better after 7-10 days. Treated at hospital. If you are diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, you should receive hospital treatment. You may experience the following treatments:
  • Steroid medication to relieve swelling around the brain
  • Fluids and antibiotics put directly into a blood vessel
After you're released from hospital, it'll still take some time before you feel normal. If you start to suffer complications such as learning disabilities, you'll need more treatment and support.   Keywords: meningitis treatment; treatment meningitis; treatments meningitis; meningitis treatment guidelines