What is the Top Secret of a 90-year-old Woman Living with High Blood Pressure?

1 Answer

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When it comes to high blood pressure, I recall a story of two women who were my neighbors.

The two elders are women, similar in age, are both hypertensive patients. One has extremely bad temper while the other was born in a wealthy family, a ladylike woman. In fact, she has more severe high blood pressure. However, the woman who has bad temper died in a fight with her daughter. The argument made her blood pressure rise to a dangerous level. And unfortunately, she passed away in the hospital.

Another woman  is a professor teaching Science in a university. After being 70 years of hypertensive patient, she is still alive and lives very well. The secret she told me was maintaining a positive life attitude. She always said that she had recognized that all she could do was not to be the last "straw" which crushed the camel.

So, whether in sports or daily life, you should learn to be gentle instead of always being mad. Being gentle is beneficial to control high blood pressure.

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