What Is the Procedure of Bronchoscopy?

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Bronchoscopy is usually done in a procedure room in a clinic or in a hospital operating room. The entire procedure, including prep and recovery time, typically takes about four hours. Bronchoscopy itself usually lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. During bronchoscopy, a thin tube called a bronchoscope is placed in your nose or mouth. The bronchoscope has a light and a very small camera at its tip that displays pictures on a monitor. The bronchoscope is advanced slowly down the back of your throat, through the vocal cords and into the airways. You might experience a feeling of uncomfortable. However, you will not be hurt. Samples of tissue and fluid may be taken using devices passed through the bronchoscope. In that case, your doctor may ask you if you have pain in the chest, back or shoulders. In general, you shouldn't feel pain. Keywords: bronchoscopy procedure
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A bronchoscopy is used to examine your airways. Since you're asking about a bronchoscopy, I'm wondering if you have any respiratory problem. Do you?