Can I Cure Bronchitis Home?

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If you are infected by acute bronchitis, it will lasts a few weeks and usually goes away on its own. It may require ongoing medical treatment if you are infected by chronic bronchitis. To help you ease the symptoms of bronchitis and feel better, the following self-care measures may help:
  • Avoid lung irritants. Quit smoking if you smoke. Wear a mask when the air is polluted or if you're exposed to irritants, such as paint or household cleaners with strong fumes.
  • Use a humidifier. Warm, moist air helps relieve coughs and loosens mucus in your airways. Make sure to clean the humidifier according to the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungi in the water container.
  • Consider a face mask outside. If cold air aggravates your cough and causes shortness of breath, put on a cold-air face mask before you go outside.
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