The Lancet Declared 20Kg Weight Loss Could Reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Is It A Rumor ?

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A recent research theory from the top medical journal The Lancet shows a successful reversal of type 2 diabetes by dieting to lose weight, making it a milestone in diabetes research. Participants there spent almost 5 months eating low-calorie soups and milkshakes for losing weight. In the end, nearly half of them successfully reversed type 2 diabetes. The 65-Year-old Isobel Murray is one of them. She has lost more than 25 kilograms of her weight in the trial, and now no longer needs diabetes drugs. "I finally got my life back." Now, I don't even think of myself as a diabetic. Isobel says. In fact, Ms. Isobel's blood sugar levels had been very high before the trial, and every time she went to the doctor, she was told to increase her medication. After joining the trial, she insisted on a 17-week full liquid diet (all-liquid diet). Specifically, eat 4 liquid meals a day. This liquid meal contains only about 200 calories but with balanced nutrition. After persisting for some time, once the weight is reduced, the dietary specialist will join a healthy solid diet.   Studies have confirmed that the remission of type 2 diabetes is more prevalent among participants who lose more weight, as follows: --Weight gain group: 0% of people were relieved (0/76 participants) --Weight loss 0-5 kg Group: 7% of people get Relief (6/89 participants) --Weight loss 5-10 kg Group: 34% of people get Relief (19/56 participants) --Weight Loss 10-15kg group: 57% of people get relieved (16/28 participants) --Weight loss more than kg group: 86% of people get Relief (31/36 participants) In conclusion, the study confirms the possibility of a type 2 diabetes alleviation through weight management. The UK charity, known as Diabetes UK, believes the experiment is a milestone that could help countless diabetics. The authors believe their findings pave the way for a "diet weight reduction" intervention to achieve type 2 diabetes relief. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the experiment is still under way to investigate the long-term impact of such interventions.   Related FAQ: