Is Dementia Curable?

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It depends. The symptoms of dementia may improve with treatment. But many of the diseases that cause dementia aren't curable. So when dementia symptoms are caused by treatable conditions, the condition improve with proper treatment, even if not completely, improve. Research shows that the best way to manage dementia symptoms is through behavioral intervention and life style changes. They allow the person with dementia to remain as independent as possible. When caring for a person with the condition, there are some specific things you can do:
  • Be patient
  • Adapt their environment to them; but don’t expect them to adapt to their surroundings
  • Keep them living in a familiar place if possible
  • Live in their reality. For example, if they ask where their spouse is, and their spouse died, don’t tell them their spouse is dead.
  • Know their history and avoid triggering unhappy memories
  • Recall with them the happy times in their past
  • Educate the people around them about their condition and its common symptoms
In general, most forms of dementia are treatable, but not curable. For treatable, but the forms which get worse over time, medication can help manage symptoms effectively.   Keywords: dementia curable